Just because it says it in the birth certificate since 1995 that you are officially a father dont mean you are a father to me now 19 years later or better yet a reason to celebrate today. I would be celebrating if you were the man to lift me up all the times i was down. To make me strong because thats what fathers want their duaghters to be. Instead you watched me get heartbroken, you watched me get beat up beat up, you watched me pass through life not knowing if i was okay or falling apart. You showed me that a man should stay with their lover even if they hate eachother. You didnt show me what love is. I dont look up to you for anything. I dont have that strong side fathers give their daughters to live life by. Iam strong because of what ive been through iam strong because i didnt have another option when you are sitting in the same house as me but not moving a finger or moving your mouth to guide me. Iam me and you cant tell me nothing. I hate this day and i hate that you feel that you should be appriciated today. #Thoughts

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